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Qantas Airways Australia
Jan 12, 2017
June 22, 2017
Web App Development

Qantas Web App Development

We created a Web Application for Qantas Airways for their Employees to enter their Sick Leave and Annual Leave. This process before Webicon streamlined it was very difficult and involved a lot of unnecessary paperwork and back and forth communication when it was clear to us at Webicon that it can be easily streamlined to only a few small processes.

Due to Qantas being such a large company the development process did take a long time, we needed permission from many different people and the stages of development needed approval from the many parties involved.

Due to the privacy of this Project, we can not go into detail with Design and Security options that Qantas wanted with their project.

The initial challenge was to make a platform that was user-friendly with no printing or paperwork required. The problem was most of the Sick Leave forms that were filled out manually would get lost and the records would be out of wack not showing accurate Sick Leave dates, reason and Doctors Certificates.

Creating a True mobile-friendly web app that is really simple to use. No printing of documents required, no attending the office to hand in documents supporting the worker’s Sick Leave or Annual Leave. The process was painstaking and not taking advantage of current technology that every single worker would have in their pocket. The Web Application that we designed took advantage of the new mobile world and also the high-quality camera on all employees mobile devices to take a picture of your Doctors Certificate and upload it to the Web Application.

The Result is a user-friendly modern Web Application that has saved a huge amount of time and man-hours that would be normally spent doing it the old way. The office admins are more organized now having all the required documents for employees at the click of a button. Most importantly the Web Application has forced Qantas to be greener and environmentally friendly.