Attending the Canton Fair in China

Attending the Canton Fair in China

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Webicon Solutions Director has completed courses in Import & Export and has been to China many times to import many types of goods for his businesses and for clients. Andrew attended the Canton Fair with for his own Online Products based business, a small blurb about his experience is below.

Post below taking from Andrew’s Blog.

The Canton Fair… what an experience. This was my second time in mainland China, the first time was the year before with a quick trip to Shenzhen to see some suppliers. You only go to the Canton Fair if you are serious about what you are doing, its a lot of effort and can be an expensive practice to attend. I have added some tips below for anyone who is thinking of going, I will be doing a video on this soon.

  1. Either speak Chinese or bring a translator. You can hire them from certain hotels etc which I recommend.
  2. Get a driver. Unless you speak Chinese or have a translator using taxis can be very hard.
  3. The fair is enormous! Have a clear plan about what you are going there to achieve, you do not have much time to waste. Time flies by when walking around the Fair and you can become easily sidetracked.
  4. Pre Register for entry online before you go. The process to register at the fair is painstaking and can take hours! Do yourself a favor and pre-register online so you cut your time in half.

I hope this information helps anyone who is thinking of attending the Canton Fair.

(More information coming soon)

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