Webicon Director Andrew attends China Import Formula

Webicon Director Andrew attends China Import Formula

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Andrew was fortunate enough to be asked to attend the China Import Formula and assist Brendan Elias in helping people that are new to importing and starting Online Stores & eBay stores.

Because of Andrew’s past Successful Online Stores & Current eBay store and E-commerce stores, he knows a thing or two about starting a product based business and has done it a number of times which has allowed him to iron out the problems that people may come across.

The China Import Formula was a weekend in Sydney, the China Import Formula leverages years of experience to show entrepreneurs the way to passive income. Unlike sourcing agents, logistics companies, and coaches who only focus on one part of the process, China Import Formula holds your hand through the entire process to help you identify hot products and build a marketing strategy to ensure you make a profit.

Do I believe its worth it?

If you are ready to import products and start an Online store or an eBay store I believe its worth it. But, you must be in the ready phase, If its only something you are thinking about and not 100% serious about than I don’t believe its worth your time or money.

I will be making a video on this event very soon as apart of my Educate & Create series.


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