Working with Shane Pace

Working with Shane Pace

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Webicon has been lucky enough to be working with arguably the number one personal trainer of Melbourne, Shane Pace. Shane’s Instagram Influence is enormous and he has changed the game when it comes to content through his Social Media Platforms. We handle his Social Media and has managed it for the last two years, we also created his website and do all his Digital media, filming and much more.

The following Article has been taken from Andrew’s Blog.

I have been blessed to be able to work with some big names in the fitness industry. It all started with me joining Shane Pace’s gym that he had previously owned. He had heard about videos I had made for a friend of his and was instantly interested in working together. Shane wanted help increasing his personal brand and I wanted some personal training for my self to help with my own fitness goals. The trade began. I remember training with him and me telling him to start an Instagram page, that was 3 years ago, that Instagram account now has close to 400k followers and the engagement is amazing! He has been noticed by some of the biggest companies in the industry and his personal training business has increased 10x.

Shane also asked me to take over his Vlogs and his YouTube channel. I would follow him on his day to day activities, him prepping food, training himself, training clients etc, then id put the vlog together and the result would usually end up being a 10-15 minutes vlog with some funny moments and educational moments many of which got close to 50k views.

The next step was to build Shanes website with an online store attached to sell programs. When our main focus was to promote this Shane got an abundance of online clients which was the goal from the start. Currently, I am working with Shane in creating a new website with a members portal etc.

Below are some links to Shanes Social Media and Videos I have created for him.

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