Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, or tell a story. At Webicon we are dedicated to getting you more leads than ever before.


People say Email marketing is dead… it’s not if you know how to execute it correctly, let Us show you how.

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people, typically potential or previous buyers.

We have found that fine balance between selling/branding/and giving value; each being equally important and benefiting the customers greatly. Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database. It may seem simple but it is a constant changing service based upon how customers choose to react; that is why we keep this in constant review to ensure the best results.

Who needs Email Marketing?

  • Existing Online Businesses
  • Brick & Motor stores in any industry
  • New businesses trying to capture their audience